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Our passion is to bring you the purest, raw honey from our free- range farm on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. There is no other taste like it! When it comes to production, Hum Honey is proud to be a boutique business. This means your honey has been hand-harvested, hand-produced and most importantly hand-loved.

“We picked the name Hum Honey for its delightful resonance with the perfect sounds of the bees. If you listen closely to a hive, the happiest ones like those in our apiaries are where the bees ‘hum’ in calm communication and contentment.”

Each and every jar has captured the purity of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and you really will taste the difference. We want people to savour the flavour of Hum Honey and love it as much as we love bringing it from our hives to your honeypot.

Our beautiful bees work hard to produce every jar of 100% Australian honey and we are proudly a 100% Australian owned and operated business.

Hum Honey bees free-range on their choice of subtropical rainforest and open forest hardwoods of the pristine Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Only organic, natural beekeeping methods are used. There are no pesticides, no chemical residues, no antibiotics and no additives. Hum Honey is cold pressed extracted with minimal filtration and this means all the natural health benefits remain in your honey capturing the natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, pollen and powerful antioxidants.

Sustainability is vital, and our brand philosophy is focused on our bees and their working environment. Our recyclable jars are perfect for refilling with Hum Honey from one of our fabulous stockists or repurpose your jar around the home, kitchen or office.

“We know you will love our honey as much as we do.”


From my love of biology and nature, grew my love of bees and their beautiful honey. I’m a girl who’s fascinated by bees and hence Bee Girl was born! My love of bees and all their products started from a young age and this love can now be seen in my family’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland property and boutique business- Hum Honey. Bees are my passion and they free- range on their choice of subtropical rainforest and open forest hardwoods of the pristine Sunshine Coast Hinterland. My bees are never treated with any chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics. I am proud to bring you pure, raw honey; straight from the bees to you.

Your love of honey is my passion.

“I see my role of a beekeeper as a caretaker of the bees. They are essentially still wild animals, which if cared for well, will provide excess honey resources that we can harvest and enjoy. That’s my role, I’m a worker and carer of the hives, so naturally I’m trying to work with their natural behaviour and think like a bee so I can manage them with the least amount of impact to the hive or their wellbeing.”



“Savour the Flavour.”

Our Philosophy is simple really. We aim to bring you the purest, raw honey.

Our focus will always include the honey, the bees, the environment, our customers and our community. To provide our customers with the amazing flavour of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, we need to always be mindful of where our bees live, forage and produce. You are sure to taste our philosophy in every jar!


Hum Honey bees are always hard at work and work is what they love best! To make one kilogram of honey our bees will need to collect nectar from more than one million flowers.

Our bees live and work in the pristine Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast and free-range on their choice of subtropical rainforest and open forest hardwoods. Their office has some of the most incredible views! We think it’s part of the reason why they are so happy and create the most amazing flavoured honey.

Our beautiful and industrious little creatures play a vital role in the security of the environment and the human food chain. Yes, they are responsible for delivering you amazing honey but they are also responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the flowering species worldwide and approximately 400 different agricultural types of plants.

Almonds, apples, cherries, cranberries, cucumbers and sunflowers all rely on the bee for pollination. One in every four mouthfuls of our food requires a bee to pollinate the food.

There is a perfect partnership between our local growers in the Hinterland and our industrious little workers!

We just can’t imagine a world without bees!

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”

Albert Einstein



Hum Honey will be closed until 25th January 2018 - While the store is open and you can place your order, please note that orders will not be fulfilled until the 25th. Thank you for your understanding. Dismiss