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Like the very best of honey bees, I’m a worker and like nothing more than rolling up my sleeves and getting out in nature. I am definitely not a pampered ‘Queen Bee’ having all of her whims attended to. It is here on our Sunshine Coast Hinterland property that my husband and I run a small Santa Gertrudis Stud and are busy establishing an organic permaculture farm where our family can enjoy a self-sufficient lifestyle and know exactly our food origin and its clean organic inputs. Our boutique business Hum Honey has become an amazing passion and I love putting my time, energy and passion into every jar! I’m a girl who’s fascinated by bees and hence Bee Girl was born!

My background is in veterinary nursing and farming and I have over 11 years’ experience working in the veterinary industry. I started work as a certified Veterinary Nurse and during this time I held both Queensland President and National Treasurer positions with the Veterinary Nursing Council of Australia. My love of biology and nature fuels my thirst for knowledge and the desire to manage the hives with the highest amount of animal welfare using the best possible natural methods. I never use any chemicals, insecticides, antibiotics, or any other additives. This is my commitment to the bees, the environment, our beautiful property and also to you.

I see my role of a beekeeper as a caretaker of the bees. They are essentially still wild animals, which if cared for well will provide excess honey resources that we can harvest and enjoy. That’s my role. I’m a worker and carer of the hives, so naturally I’m trying to work with their natural behaviour and think like a bee so I can manage them with the least amount of impact to their hive or their well-being.

Over the next months, I look forward to sharing more of my world with you- my challenges, my successes and of course my bees!! I would also love to get feedback from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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Beautiful Hum Honey Glass Drizzler by local glass artisan

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